QPlayer (Beta)

QPlayer is simplified and easy to use mediaplayer.

qplayer main display
Main display
QPlayer Windows 7 theme
Windows 8.1 and blue colorscheme


Playlist usage

Playlists can be as many as needed. You can choose is "artist", "album" and "song name" fields fetch from ID tags or from folder structure. You can queue songs directly from playlist by clicking '+' char near track name. Removing from queue is just as simple by clicking queue number. Currently playing song is marked by '>' -char.

playlist queue
Playlist queue

QPlayer few settings are located to context menu

Context/settings menu

Album cover images

QPlayer support album images that is stored in file itself (tags) or separate image file. Separate image cover is named as "album_thumb.jpg" and are located in the folder where the album files (must be own folder to each album). Image size should be small 75x75 becouse large images can slow down the loading of the playlist.

Example location.
"C:\Mp3\Hardrock\Metallica\1983 Kill 'em all\album_thumb.jpg"


QPlayer supports realtime lyrics in its own format (qlr).
You can create lyric files by creating text file like this.

"c:\Mp3\Stream Of Passion\2009 The Flame Within\04 - When You Hurt Me The Most.mp3"
"c:\Mp3\Stream Of Passion\2009 The Flame Within\04 - When You Hurt Me The Most.qlr"

Qlr file format is simple.

;When You Hurt Me The Most
00:19:0The air was cold the night I fled,
00:26:0your eyes were more than I could take.
00:31:0I ran so fast, I ran like hell, 

#V[value] = Delay in milliseconds
; = comment
00:19:0 = 19 seconds from begining.


Download and install the latest version of the player: (11.11.2013 - qplayer_setup_v1.1.1.exe / change history). Download the appropriate packages Net Framework (below) if the program does not start.

QPlayer needs to work

Technical data


QPlayer (Beta)

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